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Women's Health

Votiva - FormaV

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Vaginal rejuvenation 

Votiva - FormaV is an FDA approved medical device developed to improve vaginal wellness by using the latest in radio frequency technology. The device combines gentle volumetric heating with fractional tissue coagulation to achieve optimal outcomes with minimal downtime. It can address concerns both internally and externally, all without surgery and its inherent risks.


Stress urinary incontinence, painful sex, dryness, low blood flow and sensitivity, general vaginal discomfort, laxity of the labia and vulva and general weakness of the pelvic floor muscles. In addition to functional improvement, FormaV can also enhance aesthetic appearance.


There’s no downtime with this procedure so you can go back to your regular day, go to the gym, and enjoy sexual intimacy without any problems.


Many individuals notice improvement right away, however, 3 treatments are recommended for optimal results. The tissues will start to tighten significantly after the third treatment and you’ll notice more of a difference after the third month of treatment. Results are progressive and will continue even after your third month of treatment is complete.

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